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Terms and Conditions for Collaboration

General contact for Latvia and Estonia

Estonia: +372 587 30444
Latvia: +371 266 54929

UAB “ABC Data Lietuva”

Baltų pr. 40,
LT- 48196 Kaunas, Lietuva

T: +370 649 08800

Company registration number (Į.k): 3025 44758
VAT ID (PVM m.k.): LT100005615017

Terms and Conditions for Collaboration
  1. To facilitate the settlement of transactions, ABC Data may propose credit in the form of deferred payment whereas the amount and deadline of such credit is determined on a case-by-case basis. The customers who are interested in such credit are requested to familiarise themselves with the conditions and rules of obtaining credit from ABC Data.
  2. ABC Data delivers the purchased goods to the customers through a courier company it selects.
  3. The rules of calculating the cost of transport for the customers who have been granted the credit limit:
    a. The calculation of the transport costs depends on the sum of the net value of all the invoices issued on a given day for a given collection point (mailing address), excluding the value of the invoices issued for the sale of licences transferred electronically.
    b. If the sum of the net value of the invoices, determined pursuant to clause 3a exceeds EUR 290 for all shipments (for a given collection point) dispatched to the customer on a given day, the fee is EUR 2.90 net, regardless of the number of parcels and orders that gave rise to the invoices (this does not refer to the fees for large-sized items where clause 5 applies).
    c. If, however, the sum of the net value of the invoices, determined pursuant to clause 3a is lower than EUR 290 for a given day (for a given collection point) the costs of transport of EUR 6 net are charged to the customer (this does not refer to the fees for large-sized items where clause 5 applies).
    d. The transport costs calculated as above give rise to the issue of a transport invoice once a month, specifying the days for which those fees were calculated and the fee for a given day.
    e. The invoice referred to in clause 3d, issued with the payment date as specified for the customer by ABC Data, is mailed to the customer once a month.
  4. The rules of calculating transport costs for the customers without the credit limit:
    a. In the case of prepayment (pro forma invoice) – the invoice is increased with the transport fee of EUR 6 net (the invoice net value below EUR 290) or EUR 2.90 net (the invoice net value above EUR 290) (this, however, does not refer to the fees for large-sized items where clause 5 applies).
  5. For the goods marked in the InterLink online sales system as large-sized items, the transport costs are determined at EUR 22 net for each item. For items requiring special transport, the costs are determined on a case-by-case basis. 
  6. If, upon the placement of an order, the address "Agreed with the sales representative" is selected for the delivery of goods or if the mailing address is changed after the order has been placed, an additional fee of EUR 2.90 net is added. The goods may be delivered only to the place in the country where the registered office of the customer is located.
  7. The rules of handling complaints regarding discrepancies in the delivery are specified in "Stock complaints" available after logging in to the InterLink online sales system.
  8. As a rule, an order is placed through the InterLink online sales systems , If the InterLink system is unavailable or in cases agreed upon with ABC Data, an order may be placed in writing by electronic mail or fax sent by the person authorised to place orders; however, the rules used for sales through the InterLink system also apply to the orders placed in this way.
  9. An order placed through the InterLink online sales system is treated as a written order.
  10. ABC Data makes every effort to dispatch the orders received by ABC Data by 17:00 hrs (working days) on the same day.
  11. The forwarders make every effort to ensure the shipments are delivered within the following deadlines:
    Dispatch from the warehouse in Warsaw 
    a) Latvia : 24 hrs from dispatch date
    b) Estonia: 48 hrs from dispatch date (does not refer to the collection points located on Estonia's islands)
    Dispatch from the warehouse in Sosnowiec
    24 hrs should be added to the above deadlines.
  12. The goods may be returned only if the return is registered and the possibility of returning goods confirmed by ABC Data (in the Interlink online sales system) while ABC Data charges the return handling costs amounting. In each case return fee is determined individually, but not less than 10% of returning goods value. Returns without consent and confirmation in the Interlink online sales system are not accepted.
  13. The terms and conditions of handling complaints are specified in the "General Terms and Conditions of Handling Complaints for the Goods Purchased from ABC Data” made available on the ABC Data websites:
  14. To make the customers' decisions regarding purchases easier and more convenient, ABC Data tries to increase the amount of information about the prices and availability of goods in warehouses. ABC Data encourages its customers to use the internet service at: , , where updated information about the prices and availability of goods can be found and orders can be placed directly. Access to this part of the InterLink online sales system requires registration of the customer as a user. To register, use the registration form "Register a new Interlink user” available on the websites: ,
    To contact the customer, ABC Data uses the data from the "Dealer Information" form constituting an attachment to the dealership agreement. ABC Data requests you to carefully fill in this form and in particular to provide the correct fax and telephone numbers and to inform ABC Data of any change in the data contained in the "Dealer Information" form. This way the customers receive more information. ABC Data hopes that customers having access to the abovementioned information,can make purchases in ABC DATA more easily and smoothly.