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Over 20 years on the market

ABC Data has been successful in its business for over 25 years and has achieved a leading position on the IT distribution market in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has been consistently pursuing its growth strategy. It began operating in Poland in 1990 and since then has managed to build a strong position on eight markets of the region. From 2010, ABC Data has been listed on the WSE Main Market.

Important dates and events


By entering the Hungarian market, the Company continues to build a strong position in the CEE region.


ABC Data S.A. consistently pursues its strategy of geographical expansion and enters two new markets: Latvia and Estonia.

The launch of ABC Data's first brand: Colorovo. The Company starts selling over 200 products in the Colorovo line of consumables.


ABC Data S.A.'s IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

ABC Data opens for business in Lithuania and Romania.

With the transfer of all ABC Data Sp. z o.o. assets to a holding company, a new entity is established under the name of ABC Data S.A.

ABC Data becomes the first Polish IT company to obtain the AEOF certificate, which allows it to use simplified procedures when transporting goods within the European Union.


ABC Data Holding S.A. submits its prospectus to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and begins preparations for the IPO.

ABC Data is the first Polish IT distributor to join the Global Technology Distribution Council, a prestigious council composed of the world's largest IT distributors.


ABC Data s.r.o. is registered in Bratislava; the company supplies IT products to resellers in Slovakia.

ABC Data Holding S.A. is established, taking ownership of all ABC Data Sp. z o.o. shares. The MCI Investment Fund S.A. acquires an 80-percent stake in ABC Data Holding.


The Company is awarded the PN-EN ISO 9001-2001 Quality Management System certificate by the Polish centre for testing and certification Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S.A.; the certificate covers services related to sales and supply of computer hardware and software, as well as other electronic equipment and training. The certificate is extended to the design, production and sale of computer systems.


The Company begins serving customers in the Czech Republic (initially as Actebis Czechy; as ABC Data Czechy at present). Sales are made directly by the Company's Prague office and through the “a-shop” online trading system.


Actebis Holding GmbH, a leading European distributor of computer hardware and software, becomes the sole shareholder in ABC Data.


ABC Data Sp. z o.o. commences its operations in Poland.


ABC Data Import und Export GmbH is established in Bonn.