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Toys in "ABC Data Lietuva" offer

"ABC Data Lietuva" offers toys of the largest and the most renowned world toy manufacturers.

By enlarging its portfolio with this category, the distributor followed strict criteria, such as: quality, safety and educational value. The Company offers toys for all age groups: for the little ones, traditional toys such as Mattel dolls or Lego blocks, games, jigsaw puzzles, models, as well as electronic toys and modern, extensive educational sets (for example, teaching practical skills or introducing the world of science to children), requiring imagination and creativity. The range and variety of "ABC Data Lietuva" portfolio in this product category enables full supply of practically any toy shop and meeting the Customers' needs irrespectively the sex, age and preferences of children.

"Business Cheetahs" competition award

For the second year in a row, the European Business Institute gave the "Business Cheetahs" (Gepardy Biznesu) competition award to ABC Data. The company also received a "Business giants of 2015” (Potęgi Biznesu 2015) award for the very first time. On the basis of various indicators, the European Business Institute carries out research on the financial situation of companies in Poland. Information necessary for their analysis is provided by credit bureaus who collect data for the National Court Register. Awards are given to trade sector companies whose market value has significantly increased during 2013-2015. That is how the dynamic development of ABC Data, which recently started to significantly accelerate, was noticed and evaluated. However, the company does not linger in one place and continues to actively move forward, by implementing new initiatives provided in its business strategy.

ABC Data changes are determined by the needs of its partners

For 25 years now, ABC Data has been providing the latest IT equipment and solutions to its partners in Poland. More than 10 years ago, the company started to expand in the Central and Eastern Europe region and is currently successfully carrying out its direct activities in 8 different countries. Consistent activities and constant hard work determined the fact that the company was acknowledged to be the second largest IT company in Poland for the past twenty-five years. In order to reach its set goal – to become a leading supplier of IT products in the Central and Eastern Europe until 2018, the company continuously develops its activities which enable it to become even more attractive to its current and potential partners.

ABC Data promotes 3D printing in the Baltic States!

Will the future belong to 3D printers? We will have to wait for a precise answer to this question, however, there is no doubt that interest in this technology is growing. Since ABC Data is a supplier whose activities are based on new directions and who is a leader in providing customers with the best possible solutions, the company presented 3D printing technology to the participants of the latest "ABC Data Baltic Road Show" event. For the first time in the history of this event, its guests had a unique opportunity to learn "live" about the possibilities of equipment chosen from a wide range of 3D printers offered by ABC DATA. It turns out that it was a great idea, as companies who participated in the ABC Data Baltic Road Show showed great interest in the presented devices.

ABC Data offers a number of festive games

Four months after including the game category into the offered products list, ABC Data is fully prepared for St. Nicholas Day and Christmas. Customers can choose from thousands of carefully selected and sorted toys and children's products from the most popular brands. The most important thing to the supplier is to provide highest quality products that would satisfy the needs and tastes of parents and children.