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ABC Data inaugurated its activity in 1985. Many vendors have been working with us for more than 25 years. This is the best evidence that it is worth joining our network of vendors. The products available in our offer can be both presented in our online sales systems and offered simultaneously on all the markets, where we are present.

Depending on the scale of deliveries, the type of offered products and the territorial scope of sales, there are various possible forms of cooperation between vendors and ABC Data. The most traditional one, applied for years, involves signing a distribution agreement and entrusting an experienced team of professionals representing the ABC Data Group with the majority of issues connected with managing your storehouse, sales and marketing. Our employees will provide the management of inventory in storehouses, fast dispatches to clients and, if necessary, the arrangement of all types of promotions aimed at salesmen, resellers and end users.

Another option involves cooperation based on the model of virtual product management directly by the vendor (Virtual Product Management). ABC Data is Poland’s pioneer of this type of relations between vendors and distributors. The IT tools offered to vendors as part of this model make it possible to clearly and intuitively manage both small and major product bases, involving even several hundred product items. Our VPM system is applied by small domestic vendors and the largest contracting parties preferring this model of cooperation.

Virtual product management makes it easier to incorporate into the ABC Data offer also the products of these vendors, who are just entering the Polish market and the sales levels expected by them in the first several months will not justify dedicating new products to a direct sales contact within the ABC Data structures.

Our VPM system is prepared for simultaneous sales on various markets, making it possible to create product descriptions in various languages, develop separate storehouses of localised products and define various prices taking into consideration the specific character of particular markets, on which the ABC Data Group is present.

In addition, the system offers the arrangement of promotions aimed at salesmen, by means of the oft-awarded B2B InterLink sales system considered by many to be the very definition of market standards in customer services quality.

The flexible rules of developing sales and store housing reports make it easier for vendors to guarantee the availability of their products in our storehouses and to adapt their price policy to actual business performance.

Since recently we have also been offering our vendors the option of presenting their offer in the InterLink system without the necessity to sign a distribution contract with us, and even of placing their products in our storehouses. Thanks to data importing, the products of vendors are presented in the sales systems of ABC Data and, correspondingly, their offer reaches tens of thousands of ABC Data clients. System-to-system integration leads to quick information flow from the vendor to all ABC Data departments. In turn, this makes it possible to offer unconventional product order services – in a model case, system integration and special logistics procedures (quick reception of products, cross-docking) should make the goods from vendors’ own storehouses reach the client, through ABC Data, almost as quickly as they would from our own storehouses. 

Flexible models of cooperation of potential vendors with ABC Data and the option of making products available on all Central European markets make ABC Data an attractive business partner for all vendors of the most advanced technologies, software and consumer electronics.