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As one of the largest Polish IT companies, we are the leader in online distribution, present in almost every CEE market. Continuously expanding our business and the portfolio of products and services, we have been selling computer hardware, software and consumer electronics for over 25 years. We offer an unmatched range, comprising over 100,000 products from more than 700 suppliers. We always maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics in our business.

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The ABC Data Team

A job at ABC Data will energize you. We value self-reliance, boldness, enterprise and determination. Teamwork is important, but we appreciate solo performers, too. With presence on many markets, we have built an international and multicultural team, whose members derive inspiration from each other, some contributing indispensable experience, others the zest of youth. We work hard, and we play hard—together. With your energy, you will like it!


Our values

We are honest and transparent in our business, and therefore our employees and partners must comply with our Code of Ethics. Its fundamental principles are the rule of law, integrity, professionalism, impartiality and objectivity. We look for people who are self-reliant, but are also good team players. People with ideas, looking forward to a long career at an innovative company, leader in the highly competitive IT distribution market.