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Success in IT distribution requires today not only a wide portfolio of products and adequate inventory to ensure the availability of the latest technology, but also many additional services for suppliers and buyers alike. ABC Data is continually expanding its range of services, so as to enable its Clients to focus on their core business: selling modern technology products to end users, both individual and institutional, who need advanced systems, including those that require the integration of multiple solutions from different vendors, all of them offered by ABC Data.


We offer our suppliers a range of services to manage software localisation for the markets in which we operate (manuals, packaging, certificates, technical data and marketing materials published online). We also organise marketing efforts targeted both at end users (create demand, launch new products) and retailers (competitions, incentives, promotions, PR). Our IT system supports virtual inventory management by our suppliers. We often create special promotional packages, commissioned by our suppliers for retail networks.



Flexible logistics solutions save time and money. We support delivery from our own warehouses and directly from the warehouses of our suppliers. We offer order picking, cost optimisation and customisation of complaints procedures. We can also prepare and dispatch any documents, including invoices generated on behalf of our Clients.


Sales Support

We offer both technical and trading advice, both directly and with manufacturer support. In the case of non-standard products and large contracts we offer assistance in negotiating special prices and technical support from the manufacturer. We can also deliver products to the end user, add documentation, accessories or security mechanisms and labels for use in retail.



InterLink is a mature system, perfected over many years. Going beyond the functionality of an e-commerce platform, it makes it easier to obtain technical support, negotiate prices, generate offers for end users, manage daily promotions, compare products, view technical specifications and photographs, check product availability and delivery dates. It also provides the base, on which many of our Clients have built their own BiznesLink and ResellerWeb e-commerce solutions.