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ABC Data is all you need

ABC Data S.A. is a leading distributor of IT hardware and consumer electronics in Poland and this is what drives us to be the best. The company provides fast, convenient, all-in-one-place shopping experience for their business Partners. It allows not only to save money but also time needed to seek and check offers of many suppliers. ABC Data offers the largest range of products whose portfolio is systematically widened with new categories and various solutions. The company also provides channel programs, logistic support and marketing services for their Clients. It all makes ABC Data the only Partner you really need.


One-stop comprehensive offer


ABC Data has the largest market product range including more than 100 thousand products from over 700 renowned suppliers. It is the only Polish distribution company directly operating in 8 CEE countries. In order to meet growing Partners' needs it operates in accordance with the "one-stop-shop" principle and rapidly widens the portfolio of available products under the e-commerce project. Due to InterLink, an original customer service platform, the company offers products and solutions from such sectors as: IT, consumer electronics, home appliance and audio/video devices, stationery, toys, tools and power tools. Soon the offer will be broadened with new categories, including Home&Living, lifestyle, sports equipment and automotive products. Systematic improvement of competences and know-how under the Value+ area, as well as Mobile and Telco sectors, are also an important part of the ABC Data's activity.


Partnership programs


Irrespectively of the scale of a buyer's business, ABC Data makes every effort so that their purchases and expenses have been optimized and based on the value-for-money principle. The size and stability of the company allows it to create partnership programs and develop mutual sale channels, and due to packaging of products and services to maintain more advantageous pricing policy. Especially for the new Clients the company has created the special Arkadia project. Under the project a competitive offer of products, credit limit and special offers was prepared. To address a new group of clients, ABC Data has appointed a team of Accounts Managers, who offer the most favourable commercial conditions from the very start of cooperation and guide new partners through the offer of ABC Data, its Interlink sales platform, tools for partners and partnership programs.     

E-commerce tools


Over 85% of orders at ABC Data are processed online by an independent InterLink system. It provides clients with information on prices and availability of the products and allows direct placement of orders. The platform has been systematically developed and improved for over 17 years and it is perceived as the best in the sector. In all countries, where ABC Data has its registered offices, InterLink is available in local language versions, adapted to respective requirements and business practices. What is more, it can be used not only for shopping or price negotiations but also to create your own commerce systems on the basis of BiznesLink, a cutting-edge technological solution and even online shops operating within the PC Link network.


Efficient logistics


Logistic services, including exceptionally short delivery times of ordered goods, are also a definite asset of ABC Data. In towns and cities where ABC Data has its warehouses they are up to 4 hours. In the territory of Poland the goods are delivered within 24 hours and in the Central and Middle Europe region delivery time is from 24 to 48 hours. On the basis of our know-how and technological possibilities regarding logistics, the company develops original solutions for the needs of their Partners, including labelling and supplementing the contents of the packages, direct shipment omitting the warehouses of ABC Data, customisation of products, providing services for online shops and storage of goods.



Financial products


ABC Data offers highly specialised financial services adjusted to the needs and the scale of the Client's business. The company has allocated as much as PLN 1.5 billion for financial support of Partners operating in the Polish market. Similar solutions were also implemented in all Companies in the region. Apart from standard financial instruments, ABC Data also offers support for its partners regarding contacts and negotiations with financial institutions.



Professional training and technical consulting


ABC Data also supports its Partners by offering them consultancy regarding devices and software. The distributor offers services of configuration and monitoring of advanced server solutions, disk arrays or systems for data archiving. Moreover, the company also conducts dedicated technical training carried out online or on site, pertaining to particular needs indicated by the Client. To meet the needs of the resellers, who offer their recipients printing devices to let, the company also provides professional training sessions supporting preparation of proper offers pertaining to this innovative service.